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Important Information:

DSCA Phase I Online Course is a mandatory prerequisite for attending the DSCA Phase II Resident Course. DSCA Phase I must be completed before requesting enrollment in DSCA Phase II. You can enroll in DSCA Phase I and II through the JKO LCMS.  An account can be acquired in 24-48 hours by filling out the application on the
JKO LCMS website. Please click on the Register tab at the top left for more details.

Registration for the DSCA Phase II Resident Course is limited to Mid to Senior level personnel with a DSCA responsibility.  This includes the following: military officers ((O-4 through O-6, warrant officers (W-3 through W-5), senior non-commissioned officers (E-8 through E-9), or DoD civilians (GS-12 through GS-15 or equivalent)) assigned to, or en route to, a position requiring strategic level DSCA knowledge. Civilians from DHS, FEMA, DOJ, another federal emergency support function agencies, state emergency response agencies, non-governmental and volunteer agencies are invited to attend. Please submit your enrollment request on the JKO LCMS.  You will receive notification of acceptance into the course by email.  
All others not falling into one of the above categories by either rank or duties may submit a waiver request detailing why their particular position meets the strategic level DSCA knowledge for whom this course is intended to target. Waivers are granted on extremely limited bases given the limited number of course slots available. Submit your request for waiver (memorandum format) with your justification to the DSCA Course Registrar. Include the course location and class number that you are requesting to attend. The waiver request must be signed by an O-5, or civilian equivalent, in the student’s chain of command. The waiver request will be reviewed and evaluated for acceptance or denial into Phase II.

DSCA Program:

The DoD Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) Course focuses on training senior military officers, senior NCO's, Department of Defense (DoD) civilians, and their staff to ensure the DoD’s readiness to support its Homeland Defense and Civil Support missions. The course introduces participants to National, State, Local, and DoD statutes, directives, plans, command and control relationships, and capabilities with regard to disaster and emergency response. If you are going to attend the DSCA Phase II, you must establish an account on the JKO LCMS and register for courses from that site only. 

The course consists of three phases:

PHASE I: Distance Learning orients the participants and develops awareness, comprehension and competence. DSCA Phase I can be found on the
Joint Knowledge Online Learning Management System . In order to use the JKO LCMS, you must have an AKO account and/or a CAC card. Please click here to access specific instructions on how to register for this course within the JKO LMS.

Phase II Resident Course:  Resident/MTT consists of a three and one-half day, interactive course focusing on inter-governmental and inter-agency response. In order to review the schedule for Phase II, log on to the JKO LCMS and click on the tab labeled COMMUNITIES. On the top of the page, scroll down to Civil Military Operations and then click on the
DSCA Community of Interest. Here you will find our schedule of upcoming resident courses and other important information. Please contact the DSCA Course Registrar to register for or find out more about the DSCA seminars.

PHASE III (Alumni): This phase will provide regular updates on new developments in policy, strategy, and doctrine related to Homeland Defense, Homeland Security and emergency preparedness.