Frequently Asked Questions

I never received the email to give me my JKO password. What should I do?
Contact the 
JKO Help Desk

What should I do if I don't remember the password I used for registration?
Contact the 
JKO Help Desk or click on the tab that says "forgot my password". 

I have questions about attending the Phase II course. Who should I contact?
Questions pertaining to Phase II should be directed to the
DSCA Course Registrar.

For detailed description on how to registrar for Phase I and Phase II?
Check out this
graphic description.  If you still have trouble, contact the JKO Help Desk.

What are the prerequisites to attend Phase II? 

1.  Completion of the DSCA Phase I Online Course on the JKO LMS (you may not complete the course on the cmil.org site listed above if you plan on attending the DSCA Phase II Resident Course).  

2.  Registration is limited to Mid to Senior level personnel with a DSCA responsibility.  This includes the following: military officers ((O-4 through O-6, warrant officers (W-3 through W-5), senior non-commissioned officers (E-8 through E09), or DoD civilians (GS-12 through GS-15 or equivalent) assigned to, or en route to, a position rquiring strategic level DSCA knowledge. Civilians from DHS, FEMA, DOJ, aother federal emergency support function agencies, state emergency response agencies, non-governmental and volunteer agencies are invited to attend. All others not falling into one of the above categories by either rank or duties, but feel they may benefit from this course may attend with an approved waiver. Submit your request for waiver (memorandum format) with your justification to the
DSCA Course Registrar. Include the course location and class number that you are requesting to attend. The waiver request must be signed by an O-5 or civilian equivalent, in the student's chain of command. The waiver request will be reviewed and evaluated for acceptance or denial into Phase II.